ANAM gems(アナムジェムズ)西武池袋本店イベント

To the world of unwilling sales




Today, what I felt through an event at a department store.


POP UP event at Seibu Ikebukuro head office currently being held (April 27 to May 17, 2022).

This is the first event space for ANAM GEMS, supported by professional customer service staff, interior staff, and announcement staff.


It is a completely new sight for us who were self -taught and imitated the borrowed event in a single shot.


The work of more than 20 writers is displayed and the selling is selling every day, while you can see the real emotions of Face to Face, and you will be excited.


We take a wide space and use furniture luxuriously.

It is different from the event that is lined up.


It is sold as a "beautiful natural stone accessories" using high -quality natural stones.


Fear of competition and comparison

We are unfamiliar because we are not specializing in consignment sales, but I think that "competition and comparison" generally occur when many writers accessories are lined up.

Meanwhile, what I think about this sales is that it is not.

The premise depends on the location, score, and target.


However, what customers are looking for is "accessories." Especially this time it is specialized in "natural stone". The more you specialize, the less customers who can approach.

In that case, it is important that the number is lined up. It is important to be able to choose.

This time, we are using the place widely, but we are collecting numbers.

One writer, up to 5 points.

More than 20 people with more than 100 points.

It is hard to prepare 100 works by yourself.

However, it can be done if you gather 20 people.

Of course, there may be many people who want to put more, but at that time, it is recommended that you exhibit on your own brand alone.


"If you go to ANAM GEMS, go to ANAM GEMS to go to Nippori to get to Akihabara to buy electric parts, to buy professional tools, and to collect fabrics.

Like other events, it is very difficult to attract customers alone.

That's why I was able to support the writer, support the writers, and support the people who are watching the live, so I was able to develop this place as one place.


Now, the price competition you care about.

There will be many people in the world who value prices, but if a lot of products are lined up little by little, the difference between "design" and "brand" will naturally be seen. This time, we are making some adjustments here.

The adjustment this time is "spoon -decreased" due to the schedule.

Tokyo, department store, fashion floor.

Depending on the department store or the floor, it is difficult to imagine the price range that can be sold.


However, if it is too cheap, you will lose your trust in the real thing.

"Is it a real opal?"

"Is it a real 14kgf?"

I was actually asked many questions.

The beads I sell are so cheap that the writer's work is too cheap.

(My beads are also doubtful and genuine because of the online price with low fixed costs (laughs))


"Be aware of the people around you," "cheaper than the people around you," and "be more noticeable than the people around you." 。 。

The "people around you" that I always saw may not be around in this place.

I don't know the feelings of the writer who sold this time, but you must have had a different sales experience.


To the writers who may sell in the future (or the future writer)


If it is exhausted in price competition to sell, it may not be possible to make "the writer's identity" and "what you want to make".

"Make what you want to make and buy it for those who want you to sympathize."

By doing so, even in many writers, it will be a “one item you can meet”, and the next customer will come in search of the “gem”.


Even if I didn't buy it right away, I got a business card in a good way, and I felt that it would lead to purchasing, purchasing, and purchasing.


It is not only "competition / comparison" to be arranged.

Because it is lined up, you can choose a choice, and if you come here, you will be able to meet what I like.

I would like you to continue to do so in the outsourcing project of ANAM GEMS's POP UP event.


It was a project that has been warmed for about a year from the end of last year.

"Let's do it for six months", then decide whether to continue.

I am going little by little with such a policy.

The next schedule is undecided, but some people say that this time was sold for the first time.

In addition to live, we are also looking for those who have purchased on the web.

I would like to use it like "I want to make a debut of sales," "I want to experience a different sales channel," "I want to see the compatibility of my own product sales location," and "I want to make my own sales record."

A place of challenge using natural stone accessories.

I don't know when it will be next, but I'm glad if you can check it out in the future.

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