【Turquoise's Grade】 Do you know the stone called Sleepingbeauty Turquoise?

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It is said that it is the most beautiful in turquoise"Sleeping BeautyTurquoise"is.

Sleeping Beauty is the turquoise produced from "Sleeping Beauty Mining" in the United States, Arizona.

The name of this mine comes from a fairy tale 's sleeping beauty' and is named because it looks like a beauty in the forest that can sleep when looking at the mine from a distance.

Sleeping Beauty Cows Beauty, Color Features

Turquoise is as high quality as a gem that is formed from phosphate containing copper or aluminum.

Turquoise is a strong image with a beautiful blue gem, and it will express green as it contains impurities such as iron.

From this, the color changes due to the difference in ingredients by production areas.

Turquoise production is also famous for those calculated from Iranian and Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

In addition, China and Tibetan also have older, but Chinese production is relatively softer and hardness is weak.

American Sleeping Beauty Produced at MineTurquoise is a vivid and uniform blueAnd are the most beautiful.

Sleeping Beauty Cows History and Production

Turquoise is produced in various places, but its color and patterns are various.

Sleeping Beauty is from being produced in the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, United States.

Sleeping Beauty Cows Rareness

This mine is not newly produced by turquoise because it is closed in 2012.

Originally, it is a paddle for industrial copper mining. This beautiful Sleeping Beauteter Cows has been made as a secondary industry, and has been mined for many years.

However, the mining of copper has ended and has been closed.

Therefore, new mining is not possible, and value is coming from year to year.

How to identify the grade of Sleeping Beauty Cows

There is no crack and color unevenness, and dark light blue is high quality. Wounds and pale colors are lower grades.

The surface is mostly impregnated to prevent color retention and lack.

If the color of the content is different when breaking, the color is given to the impregnation treatment.

Currently, this can be discriminated without breaking it is GIA.

Sleeping Beautator Kois Birthstone, Birthday Nishi, Anniversary Stone

Turquoise is the birthstone of December.

There is also a birthday stone.

May 7 Greener Kois

May 10 Brandy Kois

August 26th Turquoise

October 20 Turquoise

October 29 Greener Kois

December 29th Turquoise

Sleeping Beauty Cows Healing Effect

· Create an ideal future. It is a dream and a desired guardian.

· Helps to change tension and anxiety and switch your feelings. Healing mental fatigue and help keep a healthy mind.

· Stimulate your throat and improve communication skills.
It is also recommended to improve love luck and home luck and work with many people at work.

· Sleeping the sleeping beauty, wake up with true beauty.


Sleeping Beauty Cows How to Handle

It is standard that resin impregnation treatment is performed to maintain color beauty and hardness. It is better to avoid wearing water for a long time.

There is no problem with everyday way, but a strong impact requires attention.

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