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Anam Gems's MoMo's opal collection.

[Basic information of opal]

Jewel name / Japanese name (Chinese name)
Opal / proteinite (Tanpukisuki)
Ore name / Japanese name
Opal / proteinsite
(※ Opal is "quasi-mineral", and the gem name is a word pointing to minerals as it is)
specific gravity
※ Morse hardness
Main production
· Australian
· Mexican

· Ethiopian




Speaking of opal Anam Gems!

It is very nice because it is a natural stone that loves.

I sell it with an individual, so I can only sell what I really like.
Even if you remain at hand, you want to sell with love.

Opal always chooses with your eyes.

This is because there is a risk that float (iridescent) is emphasized or good, and there is a risk of being sold.

Of course, if you buy a lot, it will be cheaper, and if you save low quality, it will be high because it is difficult to sell the remaining items at the same price.

However, so that chances comes to jump out, we are waiting for you to meet in a good opal.

The ground color is white, clear, milky white, yellow and brown.
It is an opal purchased as white.
A person who introduces the atmosphere of the opal color in such a way, I felt almost no year before.


Enjoy a beautiful opal♪

▶︎Please see here for opal history, production area and stone language!

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