Collection: Oregon San Stone

Anam Gems Oregon San Stone Beads.


Choose from rough stone, he made high transparency and looks like the shira.

Grains without a shirer are as much as possible and making a series.


Oregon San Stone is a beautiful sunstone that can only be taken in US Oregon.

Actually, it is a friend of "Fort stone" famous for Labradorite.

There is also also a sparkle with a sparkling inclusion called Aventuressence, which is a great attraction of Oregon San Stone.


[Basic information of Oregon San Stone]

Gem name Oregon San Stone
Japanese name Nikkoi (に せ き)
hardness 6~6.5
specific gravity 2.6
Main production United States Oregon


Specifically, we explain in this article.

Beautiful Labra Drite! What is Oregon Sun Stone? Stone language and how to choose, how to handle

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