What is Morganite (Pink Beryl)? Pink beautiful beads true!

Previously there was no special name, it was called [Pink Belil].

After that after his George Frederic Kunz of Tiffany's famous jewelry, Mr. John Piamont Morgan of the Banker[Morganite (Morganite)]It is spread to the world named.

Morganite beauty, color characteristics

Morganite is one of the Beryl Group and is a companion of Aquamarine and emerald, durable, gloss, transparency, shine, and diverse pink shades, and morganite is useful as a jewelery to be acquired daily.

It is popular Morganite, but the amount of production is small.
Skin familiar cute pink and in recent years have been increasing in recent years.

At first glance, it is often the characteristic of rose quartz or Kunzite, but it is characterized by the dichroism, and the color may be different depending on the viewing angle.

Morganite-friendly pink color is mainly containing manganese. Therefore, there are individual differences in color, such as orange pink, white-like pale pink, purpleish pink, and so on.

History and production of morganite

It was found in Madagascar in 1911.

Morganite's main production area is said to be produced in Brazil, followed by Afghan, Namibia, Russia, Madagascar, America, etc.

Currently, the production area can not be determined by differential discrimination.

Morganite rareness

Most stones produced contain many include include include, and it is almost not reaching jewelry quality.

Morganite as a gem is considered a rare, but it is said that the rareness of the miner itself is not high.

However, due to the same minerals as jewelry such as emeralds and aquamarine, in the case of natural stones, it is expensive in pink natural stones.

Morganite grade and how to identify

Morganite is a gem that is originally a less transparent, and is a highly transparent gem, but among those that are high quality, highly transparent and highly saturated beautiful pink colors are evaluated.

Birthstone and birthstone of morganite · Anniversary stone

Birthstone in March

Also, it is the birthday stone of March 3rd

Healing effect of morganite

· Activate the energy near the heart and enrich the loving of the owner. It is recommended for those who are wrapped in fine love and the emotions are disturbed by stress.

· A gentle feminine energy gives up and enhances femininity.

· We will upload love luck and loving luck. The attraction of the owner is enhanced, the mind is clean, and the inner surface and the outer surfaceIt will be beautiful from both.

· You can also expect the effect of supporting female hormone activity.

· A loving essence, such as raising love while respecting each other, healing a damaged heart with unconditional loveIt is a stone that gives me an involved.

Morganite handling method

Morse Hardness: 8

It is the same Morse hardness as aquamarine.

Basically, it is hard and it is a stone that is hard to break even with wire.

It is perfect for handmade accessories.

For pillar minerals, vertical cracking is weak.

Morganite popular with few pink colors

Pink natural stone beads are not as big as blue and green.

Kunzite's natural stone beads are almost absent, and rose quartz is translucent.

If there is a thin transparent pink morganite, you can produce pink accessories without disgusting with natural stone beads.

Morganite perfect for those looking for adult pink colors that are not too cute.

Please try to challenge by all means.

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