Anam GEM (Anam Gemes)

I love MOMO (Momo) alone

"Proposal of living with natural stone"

Motto, natural stone, precious stone, semiprecious stone

Beads, Lose accessories Sales


What kind of person is MOMO (Momo)?

There is a good question, so it will be described.

Put simply?


I liked stone since I was a child.

After entrance to university, sales at auction and sales at the auction.

It is actually produced and sold for this four years.

In the age of 30, "Natural Stone My Beam" will come again and you will be selling too much when you collect too much.

Even if you try to make a handmade accessory (laughs)

Even if you try to sell the surplus natural stone at that time

As the natural stone you want one after another, now

Anam gemsWe are selling web shops and instillation.



Charm Point

Usually, the OL of regular dashes.

Errographic errors are terrible.

Favorite natural stones, opal, troumarine, dumorchelate inks.



I'm interested in natural stones from mystery, and since I became an adult, I'm interested in accessories.

Having his first hand was that overseas souvenir "Amethyst Ball".

He was born in February, and I always looked at the Birthstone Amethyst pattern.

And the natural stone museum who got along with it.

I was always carrying it while comparing with the illustration of the staple of souvenirs and the assortment of souvenirs.

In high school, majored in "Geology".

I was always interested in the seminar sample.

The grade was also good for the grade (I really wanted to do my best other subjects)

No Skill

In purchasing, English, PC, north-killed.

There is no acquaintance if you are selling natural stones.

Even though I was not good at speaking in front of people, I am looking forward to the chatful live!

There is no skill
MOMO challenges

There is no knowledge, it is not exclusive, the experience is shallow.

He can not speak English and there is no connection.


 MoMo had no experience in natural stone sales.

However, while continuing little by little, we will meet beautiful stones, stone knowledge and the story of that stone. I want to tell you that it gets this stone. I'm doing LIVE with such a thought.


Customers are often causing inconvenience, but I think it is fun to give up a beautiful natural stone and see a wonderfully transformed figure.


We will continue to challenge my pace.

more and more
I hope you can meet something good