Newborn Photo

Only 2 weeks to 1 month after being born.

I want to leave you with a soft expression so that you can't go out.

[Japan's first] For birthstone for children who are born

Would you like to make "Baby Jewelry"?

The first gift from Premama to hungry baby.

You can wear your mom, or for your child's protection accessories.

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About business trip shooting service

The goodness of the "momentary photo" I want to suggest because it is a full MOMO

It has been 25 years since I became a photographer.

The camera I used for the first time is a third -year elementary school student.

Since then, I have enjoyed the expression of photos according to the application, such as NIKOMAT (the predecessor of Nikon, about 57 years ago) and digital SLR, which I received from my father.

Now it is a smartphone main, but it emphasizes "what to take" rather than the recording medium.

He likes to take a "person" with facial expressions, and has been involved in the photo industry, specializing in portrait.

I have been working to continue "good photos" and "proposals for new photos" while exceeding 5,000.

Most of the time spent is to make a new proposal for the goodness of photos, impressive experiences.

From the experience cultivated as a professional"Connect the bond between parents and children" "Handmade jewelry x shooting service"I will propose from MOMO.

About service contents

It is a business trip shooting of a new bone (newborn) in Japanese, English, Hindi, and Urdee.

About 2 weeks since I was born.

Baby grows more and more when neither your child nor mom can go out.

One month later, during the visit to the shrine, a solid skeleton is formed, and you can feel the "baby feeling".

PreviousProfessional photographers are "newly born expressions that are difficult to leave the best photos because their families are difficult and the best photos are left."To

It's okay if the room is dirty.

Please be assured that it is one -on -one support.

2 hours (1 hour shooting), 20 cut shooting

Please leave the cut to the photographer


・ Limited to Tokyo

・ 1 Japanese staff

2 hours: 44,000 yen (tax included) + parking fee (actual cost)※1)  

・ English, Hindi, Urd language compatible

Japanese + 2 translation staff

2 hours: 55,000 yen (tax included) + parking fee (actual cost)

* 1: It is not necessary if there is a parking lot at home 


Portrait Shooting In experience, it is a safe shooting by a female staff with a child.

We perform hygiene management firmly

Please refrain from watching a large number of people to take measures against Corona.


The accessories at the time of shooting should be before being bornBaby Jewelry KitPlease prepare!

If it is not in time, we will prepare it to ANAM GEMS.

\ Currently looking for monitors /

We will guide you to shooting reservations from March to the end of April at the monitor price!

If you are worried, please let us know when you contact us.

Please make a reservation and inquiries here.

We will return to the person in charge.