Information and selection of natural stones with natural stone sales for handmade

Natural stone characteristics
What features do you have a natural stone that you handle?
You may not know if you are asked again.
What kind of image is treated, how there are birthstone, history, etc.
I want to know by all means.

How to choose a natural stone
How to choose a favorite natural stone.
Please refer to the time of purchase!
The most important thing is that "I love you".
However, please know that it is not a high shopping knowing the general value of the public.

How to handle natural stones
It is "how to handle" that you want to know by all means.
When producing handmade accessories
You can use long natural stone accessories.
Is it strong to water? Is it weak?
What is a hardness and an open opening?
Natural natural stones are also surprisingly high in sunlight!

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