ANAM gems を続ける理由

Reasons for continuing ANAM GEMS

New concept

-Sugation of natural life with natural stone in familiarity-

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Anamgems💎Natural stone beads • Handmade access (@anamgems_official) shared -


Why is MOMO sell natural stone beads?

Is there a meaning to sell loose?

I was thinking a little.

Reasons for continuing ANAMGEMS

Even if I'm not a person who can be sold, there were many people who were troubled with the recession and I also helped me as much as I could.

Because I wanted you, I started selling a lot that I had been buying and started sales, so let's continue with this feeling. I was thinking.

(If you asked for a moment in LIVE, thank you, thank you🙏)

Under such circumstances, I want people to help people.

And I also want to enjoy life.

I thought that this was what I should cherish, and I felt that I was sow sowing.


Proposal of natural stone with familiar stones

Reasons for continuing ANAMGEMS

[I want you to enjoy natural stone easily]
From the concept of

[Proposal of natural life with natural stone in familiarity]

Changed to.
(It may change again because the shape is not good.😅)

I want you to know good things
I want you to enjoy your personality and your personality
Nature and humans are connected
It is not abandoned, and one who lives to life long

Various feelings are coming.

Reasons for continuing ANAMGEMS

A little, I feel that I returned to a beginner.
Rather, there was no start, so it is a starting point in a sense.

I look forward to working with you😊

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