𓉞2周年記念Super LIVE Day☄︎☄︎☄︎☄︎

𓉞 2nd anniversary SUPER LIVE DAY☄︎☄︎☄︎☄︎

𓉞 2nd anniversary SUPER LIVE DAY☄︎☄︎☄︎☄︎

⁡ Today 2/19 (Sat) to 2/21 (Monday)

At Instagram


Anam GEMS 2nd anniversary
I'm feeling better than the customer's voice again ...

In a hurry, I decided to do this project!

thank you😭

Instagram LIVE Shopping
I want you to have fun!

Basic, 5000 yen or less.

I think it will be a little introduction with a limited number.

At a super -sale price without select
Enjoy natural stone beads.

It is such a Super Live Day.

Feel free to make natural stone with handmade accessories✨

① Please comment [I will buy] during the LIVE!
"I want" does not count
Please note that it will be counted because it looks on my smartphone, so please note that your smartphone is different from your smartphone (Instagram specification).

② Please refrain from canceling, so please consider slowly!

③ If you purchase at ANAM GEMS for the first time, please DM after the live.♪

④ For today's product, please proceed on 2/23 (Wed).

Please feel free to join us for the first time!
The question is okay☺️

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