ANAM gems POP UPの 委託企画参加のメリット&デメリットを全力でお伝え!

Find the merits and demerits of the consignment project of ANAM GEMS POP UP!

Wednesday, August 3 -Sunday, August 21st
ANAM GEMS Summer Pop Up @ Seibu Ikebukuro Head Office Why don't you sell handmade natural stone accessories?

Find the merits and demerits of the consignment project of ANAM GEMS POP UP!

We are looking for a wide range of works, from those who want to start selling the work to those who are already active as a writer.

This time, "ANAM GEMS POP UP
We will do all the advantages and disadvantages of consignment project participation!


ANAM GEMS is a brand that has grown with customers.

Only my natural stone beads are sold!

Because it is a precious event, I would like you to challenge the first consignment and outsourcing in a new place!

By all means, I want to grow up with the POP UP shop together and grow further with the writer!

Outsourced sales of customer accessories with this feelingI will do it.


Find the merits and demerits of the consignment project of ANAM GEMS POP UP!

1. It stands out! Increased name recognition!

The special zone that you will always see when you go up the Seibu Department Store's head office, the central elevator.

Regardless of weekdays and Sundays, you can put it in one of the best department stores in Tokyo that many customers visit!

There are many people in the living area, and this time it is summer vacation, so the number of tourists will increase!

Business cards are getting more and more!


2. 10,000 yen or more will sell more and more!

Accessories using natural stones were sold last time 60 out of 120!

After the first week, we recruited additional products.

MOMO for natural stones, and professional staff will be introduced for sales, so high -priced items will be sold than usual!


Find the merits and demerits of the consignment project of ANAM GEMS POP UP!

3. You can decorate your masterpiece

Maybe you can make something good without worrying about your budget.

If you know many people's reactions, may you find a new direction of your current activities?

There is not much opportunity for only 3000 yen!

It is a luxurious space that does not line up like a carta.


4. You can make friends!

Those who usually make accessories alone. Those who sell for the first time are welcome.

Since we will set up an Instagram thread, feedback, such as consultation, impressions of seeing, and what MOMO sold.

The specialty you see is also OK. A limited time writer fellow is encouraging!


Find the merits and demerits of the consignment project of ANAM GEMS POP UP!

5. Order will be entered even after the end

Anyway, it is a POP UP that allows you to see a lot of writer's works little by little, so you can cover the items that were aimed but sold out, items that wanted different colors, and the flow lines that connected thereafter!

"It sells properly"It is a reputation for!


6. Someday POP UP alone! ? ! ?

This POP UP space is a space that many people pay attention to.

From the tenant, other companies and various people can see.

Maybe you'll be directly speaking to you next. 。 。 ! ?



Find the merits and demerits of the consignment project of ANAM GEMS POP UP!

1. Those who have already held a solo exhibition by individuals

Please increase your name recognition as it is!


2. Those who are not interested in consignment sales

This time, it is not a "exhibition space" but a "sales space", so it is difficult for those who want only the exhibition.

Please encourage you to purchase locally.


3. Those who do not want to be priced

Those who sell prices may not match this purpose.

Please confirm.



<< Recruitment guidelines >>

・ Use the natural stone beads of ANAM GEMS in the main stone.
・ Up to 5 points per person
・ Estimated sales price price "at least 8,800 yen to 35,000 yen"
There is no upper limit, so even if there are extra luxurious works, it may sell easily.
・ Limited metal for allergies (14kgf, stainless steel, silver, titanium, etc.)
・ If you can cooperate with local accessories production instructors (for the first time), we will give you a little priority.

<< Precautions >>>
・ It must be the original design.
In the case of imitation and secondary creation of others, it will be withdrawn as soon as it is discovered after the start of sales.

・ Those who have purchased after April 2022 (online purchase is also possible)

・ The work is to prevent double prices. In addition, the same product should be sold at the same selling price after sales.
? A double price is to change the price depending on the place where you sell, such as 5000 yen for Instagram and 8000 yen for consignment sales.
This department store sales are completely prohibited, including our company.
"Change the number of materials used" to "change the parts to use", etc.
If you want to distribute something similar to an existing product, I think it is better to finish it with the price for the "This consignment special version"!
(Last time, there were many writers who were well devised)

・ Please do not use the outsourcing place as a “exhibition place” instead of the “sales place”.
・ Compliance with sales quality, such as wire terminal processing.

・ Those who can cooperate with event announcements and excite the project.
On each SNS, please cooperate with the announcement of the event before, during the session, and after the session.
We will operate at the lowest commission fee, such as location, period, business hours, etc., so only those who can cooperate.

・ Those who do not complain about SNS etc. if they are lost, depending on the number of applications, for any reason.
Those who can leave it to the operation method and installation location🙏

About product price
For the work price, you will be offered a minimum selling price.
For the actual selling price, ANAM GEMS sets while looking at the overall balance.

<< Cost >>

Administrative fee 3,000 yen
(Opening of products, returning packing, cleaning accessories for 3 weeks, confirmation of about twice a day, product information during sales period, live sales after sales end)

Consignment fee
35% of product sales price (tax included)
* Uniformly, bank transfer at the end of the month after the event
I will subtract the transfer fee of 250 yen at the time of transfer.

<< Schedule >>>

July 9 (Sat) Application deadline
Tuesday, July 12th
July 20th (Wednesday) Must arrive


Application for everyone
We'll be waiting for your visit sincerely!
Those who become instructors using local production live and kits will also be recruited at the same time. The consignment probability will increase!
The application is not confirmed earlier, but if you are a live production or a lecturer, your schedule will be filled quickly and you may be informed of the outsourcing request as soon as possible.
It's a summer vacation, so please by all means
Please come by distant people♪
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>> Anamtokyo A and
Please give me permission from this address
If there is no email reply even after 5 days, it may not arrive.
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