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[Early Bird 10% off until 12/18! ] 2023 HAPPY BAG

🔔Thank you for waiting🗻☀️


Early bird discount 10% off

Various prices are available this year.
Try your luck once a year

We are late to prepare, but we will be selling 2023 HAPPY BAGs again this year !

While selecting items that were popular this year ,
We are strengthening the luck factor in a good direction !

🗻 Special ¥200,000
ah...well, just take a look

Last year's most popular line

For the selection you want to enjoy!

For those new to natural stone!

🗻 Special ¥200,000 (equivalent to ¥600,000)
• emerald bracelet
* 10ct or more opal loose
* Emerald, ruby, sapphire beads, etc.

Over 600,000 Yen! Although it is sold in a small number, the bracelet I longed for is ...!

🌲Pine ¥30,000 (equivalent to ¥90,000)
* Emerald Drop
* Tourmaline Drop
* Freshwater pearl petals

Over 90,000 Yen!
Other beads worth ¥35,000

🎍 Bamboo ¥15,000 (equivalent to ¥30,000)

* Tourmaline
* pink topaz
Equivalent to 18,000 yen

For those who want to collect various pairs of earrings

🌹Plum ¥8,000 (equivalent to 16,000)
* Luxury stone beads
* Quartz beads
* Various pearls

\ For those who want a little bit of various kinds /
Products handled by ANAM gems
About 100 assorted pieces

10% off for reservations made by December 18th (Sun) 23:59

So next year's market conditions...
Even next year, I'm aiming for a BAG that will be said to be the best in 2023

Beads that would be nice if they were in , please comment on the post on Instagram ♪

As long as you can do your best!
Because AAM gems has grown with our customers !

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