Collection: Andalyu site

Andalyu site of ANAM GEMSIt is a natural stone bead collection.


[Basic information of Andalyu site]

Jewelry name Andalyu site (Andal site)
Japanese name Red Pillar Stone
English name Andalusite
Morse hardness 7.5 (a little harder than quartz)
specific gravity 3~3.2
Mainly produced areas Brazil, Spain, Sri Lanka, etc.
water usually
Sun usually


Andalyu site is a stone with multicolor that shows various colors.


Brown, green, orange, etc. are majorHowever, as mentioned above, it has multicolority, so you can enjoy different colors depending on the angle.

There are also white and red ones, and their colors will be a great attraction of Andalu site.


Such Andalyu siteIt is formed in a muddy rock that has been transformed by heat, and is produced from a pegma tight made by cold and solidified magma.

The main production areas include Brazil and Spain, but it is one of the world's widely produced stones, such as being mined in other countries.

By the way, the name "Andalu SiteIt comes from being discovered in Andalusia, SpainIt is.


The Andalyu site is a stone with a lot of inclusions, and its distribution is not large.

However, since it has become popular in recent years, it will be a stone that is gradually becoming widely known.

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