Collection: Citrine

ANAM GEMS CitrinIt is a natural stone bead collection.


[Basic information of citrine]

Jewelry name Citrine
Japanese name Yellow crystal
English name Citrine
specific gravity 2.6
hardness 7
Mainly produced areas Brazil
birthstone November
Commemorative marriage 13th anniversary
water Normal (as much as possible)
Sun Weak (there is a possibility of fading)

Citrin refers to yellow, orange, or quartz (crystal) that develops in gold.

You can imagine this from the name of the Japanese name "Yellow crystal".

It's such a citrine,In fact, the amethyst changed yellow by receiving heat interference and radiation by magma.The natural citrine has become beautiful yellow over a long period of time.

Currently, the number of distributed processes that artificially reproduce the process of changing colors is increasing.But in any case, it looks like that beautiful look.

It is a jewel that has been useful for thousands of years, but it will still be a popular natural stone.

The origin of the name is attached from Citron, which means lemon in French, and is a historic jewel that has been used for thousands of years.



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