Collection: Florite

It is a natural stone bead collection of ANAM GEMS (Anam Games) florite.


[Basic information of florite]

name Japanese name Jewelry language / meaning birthstone
Florite Firefly (firefly) Courage impressive hope --

Florite is a natural stone that has a special properties that emit light when heated, and is called fireflies in Japanese name because it emits light like a firefly.

In addition, there is a florite that emits light when ultraviolet light is irradiated, and it is a fantastic jewel that emits a new shine by external stimuli.

Due to its special light emission, it is said that jewelry words such as "courage, hope, and excitement" have the power to enhance the sensitivity, creativity and imagination of the owner.

China is the largest producing country of florite, and has a history of treating fluorescence fluorite as a treasure since it is called "dawn pearl", and is said to be auspicious.

There are plenty of color variations, and it is a natural stone that can be presented regardless of age or gender.

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