Collection: GF ruby ​​COLLECTION

Anam Gems GF Ruby Collection.

This is a strong reddish pink that seems to be ruby.


GF is a glass field.

The glass field is lead glass impregnation treatment (muddy cancer cancer).

It is processed by vitrification to improve the transparency of corundum ruby ​​and sapphire.

More natural stone bead quality, has been done before, but this quality is a new color that has begun newly made from around 2019.

Not dark red like garnet but pink red.

If you confirm with the naked eye, there is a fluorescent (fluorescent pink feeling) that can not be photographed by the camera.

When making an accessory, it is a bright and beautiful ruby ​​that wakes up with it.

Some people are not red but luby, but this is ruby ​​color.


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