Collection: Kaiya Night

Kaya Night of ANAM GEMSIt is a natural stone bead collection.



[Basic information of Kaiya Night]

Jewelry name Kaiya Night
Japanese name Ai Aki Stone (Ranshoseki)
English name Kyanite
hardness 4~7.5
specific gravity 3.5~3.6
Mainly produced areas Brazil, America, Nepal, Kenya, etc.
 water weak
 Sunlight weak


Kaiya Night is a natural stone with a beautiful blue color that can be associated with Japanese name Ai Akira.

The jewel name called Kaiya NightGreek "Kyanos"I'm coming fromBecause it means deep blue, it can be said to be the perfect origin for Kaiya Night.


By the way, the blue color is mistaken for sapphire, 2Until the beginning of the 0th century, it was sold as sapphire in EuropeThere was something.

The main raw areas are Brazil and the United States, but they are also known for their high quality things in Kenya.


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