Collection: Lemon -tools

ANAM GEMS (Anam Games) lemon clotsIt is a natural stone bead collection.



[Basic information of lemon torts]


Lemonkuarts, a type of yellow stone made of sulfur mixed with sulfur,Sulfur has "calm emotional undulation" and "eliminates anxiety"It is a yellow stone with a stone language.

Stone of wisdomIt is also called, and it supports you so that you can calm your growing heart and keep your normal mind.

Therefore, it is a recommended stone for those who are looking for mental stability.

It is characterized by the smell of a hot spring when you rub the lemon tools made by mixed with sulfur.

Originally mined in Brazil, Leemononzarts, which have been mined in recent years, have often changed their current distribution of lemon -sorts, changing colorless and crystals.