Collection: Morganite

Morganite of ANAM GEMSIt is a natural stone bead collection.



[Basic information of Morganite]

Jewelry name Morganite
Japanese name  Green pillar (Ryokuchu Seki)
English name Morganite (PINK BERYL) 
specific gravity 2.652.80
hardness 7.58
Refractive index 1.56〜1.60
Inexpensive Uneven shell
Luster Glossy
Mainly produced areas Brazil



birthstone April
water usually
sunlight weak


Morganite has never had a special name before[Pink bellil] [Roseberyl] and [Borobi Evte]It was called by the name.

Banker John Pearmont Morgan by George Frederick Kunz, a vice president of Tiffany at the time. Nelined by him [Morganite (Morganite)Morganite)] It spread to the world.


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