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Coating Moonstone Three

Coating Moonstone Three

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It is a magnestone of sparkling coating.

This is a "Written" color that has a pretty bluefin plow and gray uneven color.


A thick, light and gray color is on the white moonstone.

It may feel dark at once, but there is no no black.

There is also a glossy glossy glossy, and it seems that any natural stone is compatible.



Meeting with Coated Moonstone

It is a product that has been searching for a long time since I saw about a year ago.

Moonstone dyed with nuances, not a single colorful color.

These dyed natural stones are likely to dye dark color, but when it becomes a pale color, it often fails to fail at once.

The color taste is darkened, too darker than I thought, or it is not a plaket (unevenness), but stained in a border shape.

Of course, the machining of dyeing, the coating of glittering is also damaged for the stone.


There is no one who is not easy to make, and if you request a request, there is no one to sell only a few.

One year ago, for me who started selling with Inst Live, etc., it is one of the targeted items that you would like to make and make them.


The last time there were three failures to make one item, but this time I went well at a time.


Therefore, it is also reflected in the price.


I'm glad if you can be delighted because it is an item that feels full of thoughts.


Moonstone is a slightly weak stone with Morce Hardness 6-6.5.

again,Since it is cleavable, there is a possibility that it may break in a certain direction.

When handling, please handle wires from the wire without applying power.


Also, in the process of production, the probability of cracking is higher than normal natural stone.

If all grains are inspected to make a series, the price is 5 times or more.

If Japanese is done in Japan, it will cost many times more about it.

This point may be omitted, and if there are 2 to 3 tablets, those who stand out on the surface may be delivered.

We will ship from what you think that is good overall, please acknowledge this.


Pair Shape M ...   Approximately 10About 22 tablets. 5 mm

Pair Shape L ...   Approximately 12About 20 tablets of .0mm 

Malon Shape M ... about 8.5mm about 21 tablets

Maron shape L ... about 9.5mm about 18 tablets


Other coating Moonstones and SML notation are not uniform.

Please check the size and proceed each.



We will send you the lot of the image. Regarding the size, unlike a machine -like product, there are individual differences in several millimeters. Understand it as a natural stone beads that have bad grains such as chicken and cracks, rather than jewelry (quality treated as jewelry). Especially in the case of half a series, a broken grain is also included. Natural stone beads may not only scratch the surface, but also cracks around the hole and dirt. The hole diameter is 0.4mm hole unless it is described. The size of the wire is size, and operon rubber is often difficult. When it comes to the product that passes the operon rubber, I will describe that. Also, in the case of half a series, one series is cut after cutting, so it is shorter than half of the series. ANAM GEMS has copyright for the text and photos of the product. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. The appearance of the color changes depending on the monitor you see. If you are worried, please check with multiple devices.

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