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Sleeping Beauty Koise Bracelet

Sleeping Beauty Koise Bracelet

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Very Valuable Sleeping Beauteter Burrettes Using Kois.


TurquoiseThere is a gemstone language such as successful luck, and it is also familiar with amulet stone.

Sleeping Beauty Cows featuring dark light blue.

Currently, the mining is closed and is a very valuable bracelet.


Sleeping Beauty Even in the Koise, you have chosen the blue color.


You can wear it even with a casual feeling by using tumble, not a round.


Size variation is 6.5 mm and 2 sizes of 7.5 mm.

6.5mm is recommended for those who are not good at round ball bracelets because they have few figures.


Men and women.

It is also recommended to have a picture with a pair shake.

We will send you the lot of the image. Regarding the size, unlike a machine -like product, there are individual differences in several millimeters. Understand it as a natural stone beads that have bad grains such as chicken and cracks, rather than jewelry (quality treated as jewelry). Especially in the case of half a series, a broken grain is also included. Natural stone beads may not only scratch the surface, but also cracks around the hole and dirt. The hole diameter is 0.4mm hole unless it is described. The size of the wire is size, and operon rubber is often difficult. When it comes to the product that passes the operon rubber, I will describe that. Also, in the case of half a series, one series is cut after cutting, so it is shorter than half of the series. ANAM GEMS has copyright for the text and photos of the product. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. The appearance of the color changes depending on the monitor you see. If you are worried, please check with multiple devices.

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