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Yellol Chil Quartz Rose Cut Slice Beads

Yellol Chil Quartz Rose Cut Slice Beads

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It is a bead of rose cut slice of Yellol Chil Quartz.

The holes are not horizontal and punched.


Yellol Chill is a mineral that contains a needle called yellow rutile in quartz (quartz).

It is a popular natural stone as a symbol of fortune and property.

Because it is a pretty atmosphere bead, it is a characteristic of this bead that there is no change in round ball bracelet.

It is unusual for the transparency of the crystal with the Beads of Rutile Quartz in India.


Rose cut is in the form of a diamond cut in European antique.

A three-dimensional cut like rose flower is a pretty shap.

The shape is semi over.

It is a shape that tried to use the stone as much as possible.


It is hard to see the hole than the sidewall, and it is characterized by the stone to stand out.

And it is easy to use for pentp etc.


 Number of grains: 10 tablets


S: Approximately 7.5mm

M: Approx 8.2mm



We will send you the lot of the image. Regarding the size, unlike a machine -like product, there are individual differences in several millimeters. Understand it as a natural stone beads that have bad grains such as chicken and cracks, rather than jewelry (quality treated as jewelry). Especially in the case of half a series, a broken grain is also included. Natural stone beads may not only scratch the surface, but also cracks around the hole and dirt. The hole diameter is 0.4mm hole unless it is described. The size of the wire is size, and operon rubber is often difficult. When it comes to the product that passes the operon rubber, I will describe that. Also, in the case of half a series, one series is cut after cutting, so it is shorter than half of the series. ANAM GEMS has copyright for the text and photos of the product. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. The appearance of the color changes depending on the monitor you see. If you are worried, please check with multiple devices.

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